Über mich / About me

Gesine Schulz, Schriftstellerin mit einer Vorliebe für Krimis, Katzen, Gärten und Irland, lebt im Ruhrgebiet, verbringt aber auch gerne Zeit auf der Grünen Insel, wo ihr zweiter Schreibtisch steht. 


Gesine Schulz was born in Northern Germany. Because she liked books and wanted to see the world, she became a librarian and worked abroad for more than ten years, mostly in Ireland and New York.
Now an full-time writer, she makes her home in Germany’s Ruhr Valley. She has published a number of novels, many short crime stories, and and a children’s mystery series.
She loves visiting West Cork, the setting of THE GREENEST WIND. A perennial seller in its native Germany, the novel has been translated into Swedish, Dutch, and English.