New York Cats: Whodunit?

The white has gone slightly yellow, the neckline is stretched out. I have not worn the T-shirt for years, but I still don’t like to part with it.

My T-Shirt NEW YORK CATS =^. .^=

I like the design too much.

It also makes me remember my New York years, when I lived with my two (Irish) cats on the 25th floor, temporarily also with a gentleman cat from Long Island, who was unceremoniously evicted by his wealthy family when the kids moved to college. But that’s another story.

Anyway, when I looked out the window back then, I saw the peaks of the Chrysler Building, Citicorp Center, and Empire State Building rising out of the sea of high-rise buildings. The twin towers of the World Trade Center must have been too far to the south or were hidden by other buildings.

I would love to know to whom the iconic skyscrapers have revealed (at a nightly hour?) their possibly true nature as Empire Cat, World Trade Cats, Citicat Center and Chrysler Cat ;-)

When the Kreuzeskirche in Essen obtained two large stained glass windows by New York Pop Art artist James Rizzi a few years ago, I wondered if the cats could be by him. As Rizzi had died not long before, I asked on Twitter if my T-shirt might be an early design by James Rizzi.

One Rizzi fan thought definitely not, and said it could rather be from New York pop artist Peter Marco (Marcoart), but Marcoart said no.

Since then, I keep getting inquiries, mostly from the US, whether I have found out by now who the artist was: Unfortunately not, but I am not giving up hope yet. :-)

By the way, I bought the shirt in the 1980s or early 1990s on a sunny Sunday on Greenflea market on the Upper West Side at a stand with brand new T-shirts. Maybe, I just realized, from the designer herself?!

If anyone knows or has a guess who is or could be the person who created the design, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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